Phipps Project “Earth’s Healing Wheel”

April 12, 2011

I’m so excited I’m almost finished with the Phipps Summer 2011 “Living Harmoniously with Nature”, Welcome Center display; The Earth’s Healing Wheel.

Mid-January, the tile came in for the mosaic platform along with orders for display banners, globe, and logs for the fence surround. I finished the first quadrant of the mosaic platform January 22, and began working on the other mosaic quadrants and globe.

Mid-March, I finished the mosaic platform and globe and began work on the sculpture forms of the man and woman. I also placed the order for display signage and picked up rocks that would form the .

The beginning of April we worked on finishing the fence platform and base for the mosaic platform. On Saturday April 9th we did a mock-up of the full display and it really looked awesome!

The most difficult part of the design was the globe! I had most of it tiled and it fell over and broke in half! I was so upset because I didn’t have anything left in my budget to purchase another globe or replace the tile. So we worked on ways of fixing the globe and ended up using fiberglass to patch the globe. I was so happy we were able to salvage the globe! It would have been a ton of work wasted to start over again and not very “green”!

I also had difficulty finishing the final quadrant “Earth” of the mosaic platform. The pattern just wasn’t coming together like the other designs. It is always amazing how one day you have a moment and just get frustrated and then the next day it all comes together!

My favorite quadrant is “Wind”. It really should have been the most difficult to produce but I seemed to zoom through it and it really turned out fantastic.

My scheduled install is May 11th and 12th. The reception and opening preview is later in the evening on May 12th. I’m really looking forward to seeing it displayed in the space. I hope it looks even prettier there under the Chiholy chandelier than in my backyard in the sunshine.