Phipps Summer Show 2011

February 27, 2011

I came up with a concept relevant to how creative ideas could help the public understand “what is next” for holistic design.  More specifically, I wanted to address how we are to address the challenges of sustainable living and how that can be conveyed in a beautiful, thoughtful and memorable way?  My passion for this subject led me to approach the Phipps Conservatory and Botanic Gardens in Pittsburgh, PA about creating a competition featuring NCIDQ certified interior designers from Western Pennsylvania.

Phipps’ multiple LEED certifications and current construction of one of the world’s first living buildings made it the perfect partner for an exhibit about holistic design featuring sustainable product.  Phipps then crafted and put out RFP’s to local designers, challenging them to address how environmental responsibility dictates a need for a more sustainable way of life.  The awarded designers’ work will be featured as part of the Conservatory’s annual Summer Flower Show, which runs from May 14 to Oct 2, 2011.  The working title of the show is, “Living Harmoniously with Nature.”

I hope the exhibit will inspire the community with beautiful design solutions, and thought-provoking interiors that incorporate sustainable materials.  Local businesses will supply custom props and fabrication services for the exhibit.  Based on a design by landscape architect Scott Scarfone, Phipps Conservatory will be planting all necessary plant type and color in all of the rooms per the designers’ requests.

Phipps Conservatory will also promote public awareness and education of interior building products that are sustainable and creatively displayed.