Pop City Media Coverage of Phipps Summer Show

May 16, 2011

For Good

Green design with actual green stuff — it’s the stuff of Phipps’ Summer Flower Show



A vegetable garden planted right next to a dining-room table. Mannequins dressed in plant material made to look like formal wear.

That’s the green stuff in just one room of the annual Phipps Summer Flower Show, slated for May 14 through Sept. 27. This year’s theme: Living Harmoniously with Nature.

Patrons, besides being dazzled by the art of these gardens, “will be inspired to look at the things they normally like to do and see if there are more sustainable ways they can do it,” says Phipps Executive Director Richard Piacentini.

“Green can be beautiful” he says. “So often, I’ve heard that people think that trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle means that they have to give something up, or [that] it will be ugly. That doesn’t have to be the case.”

This year’s theme, a collaboration between Phipps and local interior design firm B. Jarold and Company, was conceived as a way “for interior designers to address sustainable design by showcasing new and sustainable materials in a unique way,” says Jordyn Melino, the Oakland institution’s interpretive specialist.

The result, from eight designers, includes displays made from flowers as well as discarded street signs, bottles and cans, barn wood and other repurposed materials.

Concludes Phipps spokesperson Liz Fetchin: “We hope that people will feel that they’ve had an experience unlike anything they’ve seen before, and that they’ll be inspired to make simple, eco-friendly changes in their own lives.”

Do Good:

• See how Phipps is going green in an even bigger way, with their Center for Sustainable Landscapes.

Writer: Marty Levine
Source: Liz Fetchin, Phipps Conservatory
Image courtesy of Phipps Conservatory